Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gordon's Forum: The price of a tax

Taxes Causing deficits is the biggest con job there is, the myth that continues to make an underclass feel cheated. This is sinister way for continuous support for damaging policies. Spending creates deficits.
People are not equal when it comes to talent and mediocrity becomes common place. When manipulating the general public, it's important to consistently remind the most vulnerable that their failure can be traced to the well to do.
And that is the crime,  public officials that we should be able to trust. Government can not provide the dream
that will always remain abstract. People expect to much from scripted and polished professionals,  who could never deliver the life style that one believes is their right. You have a right to liberty and the Governments job is to protect your liberty .  Redistribution wealth is theft and money is private property.
So pay your taxes wisely, and vote...