Saturday, August 3, 2013

Selling A Turntable ♫

I have always owned a turntable. Crappy ones, good ones, and some of the best. Cartridge Stylus always makes the final difference, tried many but Stanton has always been my favorite. Lately I have become more interested in Servicing and Restoring an industry standard for DJ,s. The Technics SL-1200 family of turntables. DJ's can be a bit rough on these tough and solid machines/instruments, that have never been a secret to Audiophiles around the world. So when it comes to their highly valued vinyl collections. It is the only kind of platform to play these gems, "Vinyl Records" where a whole generation of young people are only Now discovering. Recorded Sound that Edison would have loved.

So now I have up for sale on eBay a Technics Sl 1200M3D turntable, under the member name gordonjstone. so give it a look see ♫ 

Happy bidding ♫