Friday, April 22, 2011

The False Promise of Green Energy | Cato Institute: Book Forum

The False Promise of Green Energy | Cato Institute: Book Forum

Re Vinyl

DJs and and a handful of enthusiasts are breathing life into a pure form of recorded sound. Vinyl records have introduced it self to a new generation of musical fanatics. The DJ has become a Star not just at clubs, but large an supper arenas. Talent like "Grand Master Flash" to "Paul vanDyk" and "Underworld".
But the old school people , like my self have found light at the end of a narrow and dark tunnel. Looking and finding original and sometimes remastered music reissued on pressed vinyl records. A lot of Websites and independent record shops are slowly filling there shelves with this great medium, along with millions off used and rare records.
Late 1973,early 74 I bought a copy of "Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon". Many days and nights listening, (Often with headphones) the disc and the jacket wore out. Commemorating the Thirtieth anniversary of that release, the "Floyd" has re-mastered and released that very Masterpiece. On virgin vinyl with the very same posters and two 4x6 in. stickers. The best value I found was on "", though many online sites carry it. ♫      

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vinyl Records

I have noticed a growing interest in vintage and new vinyl records, by the use of DJs and there new fond popularity and the success in Hip Hop or rap, through the use of sampling from old vinyl recordings. And there is the unique quality of the sound of analog recordings, that some listeners claim to hear . I confess I am one.
Later I will list some of the great places to get new and used records...Thanks  

Music ♫ "I Love Vinyl"

I'v noticed that there has been a resurgent of some of the non, main stream musical talent that had small but loyal fallowing in the late 70s early 80s. These bands, for instance from Long Island, NY the Ramones and from the UK, the Sex Pistols. There was a long time, important fixture to the musical scene with it's reputation of featuring new and also established talent, and that place was CBGBs in NYC. There was one band for the most part, pioneered an offshoot of the "Punk" sound. This sound known for it's high speed, raw and to the point attitude,it was called "Hardcore". Latter spawning Thrash and Speed Metal. There was one band that had that fire and they are the Bad Brains. Giving rise to bands such as The Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag, Flipper, and so many more that I would love to list. But to my surprise and delight, The Bad Brains from Washington D.C. have reissued an exact copy of there first 7" 45rpm single, "Pay To Cum" I couldn't have been happier, since I love Vinyl records.If your interested, go too...  and check it out.
More music posting later ♫  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Net Neutrality and the Fairness Doctrine

Just Thinking☁ Again, matters of equality. Legislation that would determine ones perception of fairness. Based on a concept of social justice and not equal justice. Limiting speech and opinion not deemed main stream by an elitists class of individuals that see them selves as a educated progressive advanced gourd. To champion laws like the "Fairness Doctrine", which would certainly violate the first Amendment of the US constitution.
Individuals are under no obligations to be fair. The said concept, is a question of conscience, self determination and personal morality. Also free Enterprise in regard to broadcasting a message or advocacy of an opinion shared by a group or an individual. Fairness can not lend credence to such a law that is meant to control the ideas and words of an opposing point of view. These laws would be truly be oppressive      

Big Government

Just Thinking☁ Fear Government, that determines issues of fairness. Success and failure, exceptional thought, opinion or expression that is not main stream.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Poor

Just Thinking☁ Ah, everyone claims to care about the poor in America and abroad. But there are some that suggest that many of the rich and political advocates of the said rich are some how responsible for making their plight worse. That would suggest they had some thing of value in the first place. there are many reason for poverty in America, one is not theft. It would be a paradox to suggest that government tax cuts to wealthy people and corporations is taking money from the poor.  It simply stops the redistribution of private property from one class to the other.
What are the poor doing to help the poor. if the poor don't pay taxes but receive money from citizens who do, is just called a grant or plain giving. The wealthy keeping there money, is referred to as heartless and sometimes as theft.
These thoughts are going to require more time, for a more thorough and productive conclusion.