Sunday, January 23, 2011

New York Times

Paul Krugman; well...He is an asshole. I feel that way at times, when I read or hear little blurbs from that "Rag" the "NYTs" or some other media outlets, topics that lead with innuendo and conjecture... And they all do it. Using trust as a commodity and not a virtue. Well, thats fucking disturbing...Newspapers used to report. now they have a social and political agendas....Feel free to comment Paul, I don't enjoy calling people assholes, but man ya have to call a Hack a Hack sometimes. Print journalism needs help.  Economists are tools to be used by Professional Business Visionaries. Like calculators in the middle of your desk drawer... 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The less congress does, benefits the country more than it's citizens realize. The rhetoric that is used is meant to purposely manipulate the public, that government is responsible for there success or failure. Value is created by the private sector not by government, setting a national mininum wage has created problems that economist refuse to even consider. The minimum wage has always been a set start for union  negotiation or what I like to call a shake down...Sheep