Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music & Art

Illustrated expression and musical composition has never been divided by a fine line.
The two mediums have always been intertwined. Also they have molded Culture and refined the human experience. With the advent recorded sound vinyl records have always gave special presentation to the music you listen to. It has started trends, in fashion, attitude and social conscience.
Vinyl  records, and the artwork on the covers have always been special. The relationship such as; "The Velvet Underground" together with  "Andy Warhol" or art students from Ohio, known as "Devo" who have contributed to this relationship. Also to music videos' a genre that has had a tremendousness influence on the culture at large, aspects of which where I wouldn't even know where to begin...Except maybe with, well (Here it Comes), MTV    
 One way to promote an album, was with a little bit of  flare or abstract expression that was out of ordinary. Giving the boring and conventional standard black discs, just something more than just music. Picture Discs, was an exciting way for the listener to experience music. For the collector it added just a little more. One being value, some rare and others not so much. The digital format, known as compact discs can also can be produced in the same way. But like some may say, size does matter. One aspect of the compact discs, is a slight flaw. The detail of the artwork is difficult to see as well as the booklet insert.
Vinyl is making a come back, with me it has never really left. It's popularity is growing once again;  many old classics are being reissued, not just in CD format, but there original vinyl form. Yard sales, Flea markets and used record shops are the place to go. So spend a day just shopping, even if it's for an old copy of The Velvet Underground or John Coltrane. So, I'm going to help promote the growth of this great format and continue buying and collecting them. New or used, they are all great treasures...
Next time, I'm going to explore the the great world of turntables, AKA "Phonographs"
                         ♫ Long live Vinyl...♫

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