Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cleverly Crafted Conjecture is a shithead reason to Vote for someone

Not voting, does not forfeit my right to complain and express my feelings publicly.  
But I am considering not vetoing,  for the first time in 30 years. 
It's a shame people like Barack Obama only care about the votes they do get,
..not the ones they can't get. 
Again, that's a shame. Because that absolutely divides people and culture. 
His overbearing confidence that masks a condescending attitude that breeds envy and decent among neighbors, deepens that divide.
Not voting is a difficult choice to make. Because of religious conservatism has become just as distrusting, as the socialist progressive movement is. But, not Voting may mean that I am giving up on my Liberty, the liberty that means every thing to me.
 I do not want promises and the bounty of someone else's labor, just that my Liberty be protected, and not be traded for trinkets like healthcare, abstract concepts of living wage or religious customs like marriage to be defined. Just Liberty   

Who will protect Liberty, if they only care about votes          

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