Sunday, March 27, 2011

Media Matters ☭

Just Thinking☁     "Media Matters" has proven to be Fascists, idealistic adolescent crybabies. A cooperative system way of living that will change once they are kicked out of their parents houses, and forced to live in the real world...
By the way, I don't believe god exists,and I'm not ultra right wing, so now you may know were I'm coming from, if not you also may not understand what I am writing about.
 I don't believe all "Progressives" live at home with their parents, but cling to an idea of entitlement that comes from years of social enabling by parents, academia and of course the Media...Just Thinking, O and Government may also want get out of the social engineering game.
So, Media Matters claims to be a watchdog group with a level regard for accuracy and truth when it come to broadcast news media outlets. That couldn't be further from the truth.
They are an advocacy group with no regard for objective reporting, hardly Progressive, They are illinformed and irrational with a narrow minded objective to silence anyone who disagrees with them, or the people who champion there beliefs... Beyond Propaganda, it's Thuggery. Plain and simple.    

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