Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gordon's Forum: Public Unions

Beginning with the question of equality, or ones concept of  fairness. Legislators, on behalf of the public has provide state employees with certain privileges, along with a good salary. But with a strategically structured contract that is inconsistent with the open and fair market exchange. I think that the public deserves, and can get a better deal.

An advocate for the people. That trust has been lost, forfeited to groups who's interests are only to it's members.
I'm talking about Unions. Taking credit for an entire class off people, without a patent product or an Idea, has manipulated and misled an entire population. Now fractured and weary, the people struggle to repair the collective damage done by all. Our greed our ignorance has led us astray, but our belief  in our selves can change
the direction of our future.

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