Thursday, April 21, 2011

Music ♫ "I Love Vinyl"

I'v noticed that there has been a resurgent of some of the non, main stream musical talent that had small but loyal fallowing in the late 70s early 80s. These bands, for instance from Long Island, NY the Ramones and from the UK, the Sex Pistols. There was a long time, important fixture to the musical scene with it's reputation of featuring new and also established talent, and that place was CBGBs in NYC. There was one band for the most part, pioneered an offshoot of the "Punk" sound. This sound known for it's high speed, raw and to the point attitude,it was called "Hardcore". Latter spawning Thrash and Speed Metal. There was one band that had that fire and they are the Bad Brains. Giving rise to bands such as The Dead Kennedy's, Black Flag, Flipper, and so many more that I would love to list. But to my surprise and delight, The Bad Brains from Washington D.C. have reissued an exact copy of there first 7" 45rpm single, "Pay To Cum" I couldn't have been happier, since I love Vinyl records.If your interested, go too...  and check it out.
More music posting later ♫  

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