Friday, April 22, 2011

Re Vinyl

DJs and and a handful of enthusiasts are breathing life into a pure form of recorded sound. Vinyl records have introduced it self to a new generation of musical fanatics. The DJ has become a Star not just at clubs, but large an supper arenas. Talent like "Grand Master Flash" to "Paul vanDyk" and "Underworld".
But the old school people , like my self have found light at the end of a narrow and dark tunnel. Looking and finding original and sometimes remastered music reissued on pressed vinyl records. A lot of Websites and independent record shops are slowly filling there shelves with this great medium, along with millions off used and rare records.
Late 1973,early 74 I bought a copy of "Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon". Many days and nights listening, (Often with headphones) the disc and the jacket wore out. Commemorating the Thirtieth anniversary of that release, the "Floyd" has re-mastered and released that very Masterpiece. On virgin vinyl with the very same posters and two 4x6 in. stickers. The best value I found was on "", though many online sites carry it. ♫      

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