Friday, April 8, 2011

The Poor

Just Thinking☁ Ah, everyone claims to care about the poor in America and abroad. But there are some that suggest that many of the rich and political advocates of the said rich are some how responsible for making their plight worse. That would suggest they had some thing of value in the first place. there are many reason for poverty in America, one is not theft. It would be a paradox to suggest that government tax cuts to wealthy people and corporations is taking money from the poor.  It simply stops the redistribution of private property from one class to the other.
What are the poor doing to help the poor. if the poor don't pay taxes but receive money from citizens who do, is just called a grant or plain giving. The wealthy keeping there money, is referred to as heartless and sometimes as theft.
These thoughts are going to require more time, for a more thorough and productive conclusion.

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